Your 六合宝典直播开奖 Story: Zo毛 Cokeliss Barsley

31 March 2023
3 min read
Director of Sustainability – 六合宝典直播开奖 Press

Zo毛 Cokeliss Barsley

“I wanted to make a difference within business, and be actively involved in managing a company鈥檚 environmental impacts.”

My 六合宝典直播开奖 story began in 1999, when I came to Somerville College鈥攋ust over the road from OUP鈥檚 六合宝典直播开奖 headquarters鈥攖o study Biological Sciences. I couldn鈥檛 have known at the time that I鈥檇 be right back in the area two decades later.

That first period living in 六合宝典直播开奖 was a whirlwind of lectures, formal halls, and late nights in the library. When we were given our essay briefs, friends used to race to the Radcliffe Science Library on their bikes to get hold of relevant journal copies before anyone else. Nothing was online then – that wouldn鈥檛 need to happen now, with digital platforms such as听听providing access to research.

I left 六合宝典直播开奖 keen to pursue a career in nature conservation and spent the following year doing a Conservation MSc at University College London. That was a springboard to two fascinating biodiversity research roles, first at the Zoological Society of London and then at the UN Environment Programme鈥檚 World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge.

Increasingly, though, I wanted to make a difference within business, and be actively involved in managing a company鈥檚 environmental impacts. After a stint in consultancy, which gave me great insights into sustainability practices in sectors ranging from mining to telecoms, I landed a job in the corporate responsibility team at Pentland, the owner of sports, outdoor, and fashion brands including Speedo and Berghaus.

Ten years and a variety of corporate responsibility roles later, I joined OUP as Director of Sustainability in 2020. As part of our Technology and Operations senior leadership team, I work with colleagues from across the organization to better understand our environmental impacts and plan the steps we need to take to mitigate them.

I鈥檓 really proud of the sustainability progress we鈥檝e made across the Press over the past couple of years, from calculating our carbon footprint and听, to launching our first听听last year (the听latest edition for 2022/23 is available听). We鈥檝e made great strides in our efforts to source sustainable paper and are working with others in our industry through groups such as the听听to get a clearer picture of the true footprint of the print supply chain, and of our online content.

We鈥檙e also looking beyond environmental sustainability, to consider OUP鈥檚 contribution to sustainable development more broadly. We are a signatory to the听, and have made commitments to raise awareness about SDG topics through our content, marketing materials, and stakeholder engagement. On 25th April, we鈥檒l be holding the听, a free, online event which will bring together OUP鈥檚 global community to explore our shared mission of building a sustainable future for education and research. I鈥檒l be chairing a session on climate action, and I am looking forward to a lively debate on how content providers, including publishers, can best inspire positive change.